Has your feminine canine ever lifted her leg on a tree or hearth hydrant? Regardless that leg lifting is stereotypically a male canine factor, it seems feminine canine lifting their leg to pee is extra widespread than you may assume!  

Do solely male canine elevate their legs to pee?

Whereas many male canine will elevate their leg after they pee and to mark with urine, not all do! Dr. Jamie Richardson, Medical Chief of Workers at Small Door Veterinary, notes that “historically, male canine have a tendency to lift one leg to pee, while feminine canine squat. Nevertheless, some feminine canine elevate a leg, and a few male canine squat – it simply comes down to non-public desire.” Most puppies, female and male, squat to pee when they’re puppies, and a few male canine proceed to squat some or the entire time, even in maturity, similar to some feminine canine will begin leg lifting.

Why do feminine canine elevate their legs?

There are a selection of very behavioral the reason why canine may elevate their leg to pee. “Elevating a leg to pee is commonly related to urine marking. Canines could urine mark for consideration, as a result of they’re anxious, and/or to determine territory,” says Dr. Richardson. There’s even a motive that canine, no matter gender, will attempt to elevate their leg as excessive as attainable when peeing. “Lifting their leg permits the canine to goal their pee at a vertical object, and when the urine runs down the thing, the bigger floor space lined ends in a stronger scent,” says Dr. Richardson.

Curiously Dr. Richardson explains that the dimensions of the canine could influence if she goes to elevate her leg to pee “research have proven that smaller feminine canine are likely to elevate their leg to pee greater than medium and large-sized feminine canine.” By lifting her leg as excessive as attainable, canine could also be attempting to make themselves seem greater than canine who will come alongside later and discover their marking.  

Female Dog Lifts Her Leg

You don’t usually have to fret in case your feminine canine lifts her leg to pee. Photograph: zoranm/Getty Pictures

Ought to I fear that my feminine canine lifts her leg to pee?

Though feminine canine lifting their legs to urinate may take some homeowners without warning, it’s commonplace and isn’t something to fret about. Whereas, as Dr. Richardson famous above, some feminine canine could be lifting their leg in an try and mark territory for consideration as a result of they’re anxious or to seem bigger for a lot of canine, there is no such thing as a underlying behavioral trigger. She could “merely discover that place extra snug than squatting.” It may be stunning for guardians if their feminine canine begins lifting her leg. Nonetheless, Dr. Richardson advises, “homeowners don’t should be involved by feminine canine lifting their leg to pee, so long as they’re nonetheless doing their enterprise in acceptable areas.”

Though lifting their legs to urinate isn’t one thing to be nervous about, adjustments in urination patterns could be one thing to pay shut consideration to with any canine. Dr. Richardson advises that in case your canine begins having accidents or “exhibits another indicators of misery when urinating reminiscent of straining, whining, urinating kind of often than standard, you must get them checked out ASAP by a veterinarian. These might be signs of a medical situation that would want therapy.  

Learn how to preserve your feminine canine clear if she lifts her leg to pee

It’s completely regular for feminine canine to elevate their legs whereas peeing, however the ladies, particularly till they get apply aiming, could also be prone to dribble urine on themselves. This may be smelly with closely coated canine and might even result in well being circumstances. “It is very important clear the urine off them so they don’t endure from urine burn irritation to the pores and skin beneath the coat,” suggested Dr. Richardson. The nice factor is you don’t must do a full tub to your canine simply because she will get a little bit little bit of urine dribbles on the within of her again leg. Dr. Richardson means that “for a fast clear up, you need to use a heat washcloth or any of the commercially obtainable pet wipes.” There are even travel-sized packs of pet wipes you could put in your automotive or into your purse to do a fast clean up to your woman whereas on the go.

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