Discovered your real love? In case your ideas drift to your potato chip stash or fixed Netflix bingeing affair, you may want some assist in the division de amour. For those who’re able to spend high quality time with a soul mate, it’s time to get severe. Nevertheless, that legendary flying cherub with love-laced arrows made to magically match you with the one individual you gained’t kill for leaving the cap off the toothpaste isn’t going to chop it.

Any plan to ship you from the doldrums of your love life wants actual chunk, not the weak gums of a fats child. What if the best matchmaker was an unfailing decide of character and constant to a fault … and furry and lovable as all get-out? What if Cupid had been … a canine? Possibly, particularly, your canine?

Cupid cutie: To begin with, he could be means cuter. And have a  means higher identify, like St. Fluffentine, Dapper Canine, Matchmaker Muttenstein or, for the much less imaginative, Pupid.

valentine's day dog

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No ice to interrupt: Who must soften the ice when an animated adora-dog is there to soften awkwardness, spark dialog and provide the comforting bonds of one thing shared in widespread?

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The proper matchmaker: The partner-vetting course of all of the sudden could be very easy. Everyone knows that canines inherently know who’s good and who’s not. Pupid would weed out these folks he is aware of could be dangerous for you.

Simple with that arrow: St. Fluffentine’s “arrow” wouldn’t be some chilly spike however moderately a 6-foot leash, able to tangle two star-crossed lovers collectively, and a lolling tongue, completely made for canine kisses that would lead ideas towards human smooches.

Added attraction: Dapper Canine will make you appear extra engaging to the other intercourse. Who wouldn’t need that? Research upon research present that animal lovers — canine lovers specifically — show extra constructive traits like loyalty, compassion and kindness.

valentine's day dog

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Stroll your method to love: Shy? A homebody? Strolling a canine is likely one of the best methods to make mates. Matchmaker Muttenstein would offer you the motivation to get out and hold the place different canine lovers frequent: canine parks, canine seashores, dog-friendly trails and pet shops — all are excellent locations for Pupid to do his work.

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Digs below the floor: St. Fluffentine goes for high quality over superficiality. For those who’re not an Ivy college graduate and rolling in cash however have a coronary heart of gold, a witty sensibility and a way of journey, this lapping flufflebutt of affection will assist others see and admire your many charms.

valentine's day dog

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Double the canine: Whereas Dapper Canine is at it serving to you discover a whirlwind romance meant to final, he would look out for his personal self-interests, too, and pair you with a sweetie who additionally has an superior canine with whom he may romp and spend his days.

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