The advantages that silk provides for hair are solely half of its attraction. As somebody who spends quite a lot of time caring for their pores and skin, it nearly at all times felt like a waste to place a number of coats of lotions and oils on earlier than mattress simply to get up with my pores and skin fully dry. My merchandise felt ineffective once I slept on cotton or linen, however the mulberry silk makes a constructive distinction. As I mentioned earlier, silk is not very porous, so it will not take in the costly skincare merchandise on my face to allow them to work correctly whereas I sleep. And but the advantages proceed.

The pillowcase’s clean texture also can assist stop wrinkles. A low friction pillowcase like Blissy will not pull in your pores and skin so that you’re much less more likely to get these nasty wrinkles and, in the long term, some very actual high-quality traces that will not go away in a matter of hours. Wrinkles might not be my primary concern proper now, however any assist now will assist sooner or later.

Normally it’s taboo to confess that you’re in a dedicated relationship with an inanimate object, however my devotion to this pillowcase is profound. Provided that I spend nearly all of my time in my studio condominium as of late, 50 p.c of which is technically my bed room, I believe I need to have a bit love for one thing that is too rattling good to place an finish to it.

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