Your canine has ideas and emotions. Sophisticated ideas and emotions. What if he may specific them in methods aside from dogspeak? What if he may take to the Twitterverse?

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Burglar at window … zzz, mailman at door… zzz, different canine strolling throughout territory … zzz. Ever have the sensation that when it got here right down to it, your canine would stay sacked out towards the wall, holding it up — except he heard unmistakable kitchen sounds? Yeah, I do, too.

Ah, the outdated bait and change. A most unlucky sequence of occasions if the veterinarian’s workplace lies a mere mile past the very same route you’re taking to wide-open park bliss. How many people have watched our greatest boy’s face fall like a ton of bones as he realizes what actually lies forward?

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What a betrayal. Our canine spend a lot time joyfully “adorning” our residing areas and “accessorizing” our garments, and we merely vacuum, lint-roll and sweep it away with a lot disdain.

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You’ve been gone all day, you’ve picked up new smells … possibly even scents of different canine. What alternative does your poor doggo have aside from to share his best fears with the interwebs: You’ve discovered one other furry love.

Canine all over the place wish to make it clear: Let sleeping canine lie. Wherever they need, for nonetheless lengthy they could. Overlook that Zoom name along with your boss. The canine is your boss now.

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As No Canine Ever slyly proceeds to steal the home made muffins, fresh-cooked salmon, loaf of bread or cut-up strawberries proper off of stated counter and drop them down the hatch earlier than the adjoining serviette flutters to the ground.

Nothing like getting busted by a narc with photograph proof of wrongdoing. And having to endure extra jabby-jabby, pokey-proddy unhappy instances.

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Ah, what good is Twitter if not for sharing our most embarrassing medical mishaps and misadventures?

Typically it’s funnier to share your mischievous errors with the world. Why deprive folks (and canine) of a very good chortle and relatable expertise?

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